Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Japan, Day 9 - Tokyo, Asakusa

We did wear the kimonos while having morning tea though. Misuzu had read about this very special café in her brand new Tokyo guide book, which served up yummy pancake stacks. So off we went on a walk-about to try and find it.

It was a really nice walk as our search took us through all the small little backstreets of the area, it was so pretty!

We found it! Look at that huge stack!

And the smallest and cutest little milk jug I've ever seen!

The Tokyo Skytree, the second tallest (643 meters) all structure in the world after Burj Khalifa.

We kept walking down into the narrow little streets with shops and specialist shops of kimonos, dolls, haircombs, fans and other souvenirs etc.

Misuzu wanted us to try the traditional Japanese "fish game", where you caught (and released) goldfish with a special paper scooper called a poi. Lucas and I didn't do any good at all, we broke our poi straight away; but Linnea managed to catch two fish!

The last groupie in our pretty clothes!

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