Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Life is better with friends

I've loved having Anna here. Even though she only came for a few days, she is one of the most inspiring and encouraging people I know, so her coming over really gave me a boost. Being around Anna always make me want to become the very best version of myself in every way - I want to eat better, I want to get back to a training routine and above all I get to discuss all the big and small things on my mind, and she always has good input.

On her last two days I made an effort to bring her places where we could enjoy extra healthy food:

We also went training. Well, she wanted to exercise and made me come along... Not that I don't need exercise, but it had been a while!

She had a few things on her to-get-list, so we went shopping at Yas Mall:

And of course, I had to wow her with my special Margaritas from the magic machine..!

And there we go, that was our last visitor for this (school) year. Back to the loneliness of the everyday humdrum for me. I must admit I'm not really looking forward much to the next few months. May and June always is my least favourite time of the year here in the sandpit.
For example there is not much more work for me as Apollo had their last arrival this week, next month I only have a few private tours booked in. The heat is creeping up on us more and more day by day, and Ramadan is kicking in next month. That combination is always a bit - heavy.

Eleven weeks to go to summer holidays, eleven weeks to having fun seeing friends and family. Can't wait.

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