Saturday, 14 April 2018

A Brunei Friday Brunch bunch

Yesterday I went to a Friday Brunch with these girls:

The connections between us all in this photo really is a perfect example of how small this world is.
As you can see, Anna is visiting from Brunei. We have known each other since we lived in Horsham, many moons ago and she is one of my very best friends from Brunei days.
The girl behind me, Kristen, used to be our neighbour here in the compound, and during an early conversation when I mentioned we had lived in Brunei, she said one of her collegues had just moved there. Turns out, after we left Brunei four years ago, the lady with the short hair top left, Kristin, moved to Brunei from - Abu Dhabi. She spend two years there and of all people there, she became best friends with - Anna...! Small world! She has now moved back again which makes Abu Dhabi a perfect destination for Anna, as she can visit us both!

We went to a new Friday Brunch to me, Safina at Saadyiat Beach Club.
I must say I was quite disappointed, as it didn't really feel like Friday Brunch, more like your average lunch buffet. Sure, the food was ok, but there wasn't a huge selection and no live stations, or drinks stations at all. The live music was outside, so the atmosphere inside was rather dull, plus people came in to get food in their swimwear... Luckily the company was fantastic!

These three recreated a photo from six years ago. Apart from some hairstyle changes, they truly hadn't changed at all! Not a wrinkle more since then! The girl in the middle of the Kristin/Kristen sandwich is Michelle, a lovely lady I've got to know through Kristen:

While we were waiting for a taxi these beauties turned up, there was nearly one supercar in every colour! Awesome, so Abu Dhabi!

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