Saturday, 7 April 2018

Japan, Day 2 - Osaka Expo Park

We certainly hit the ground running and set out on a big excursion already on our first full day. We were in hunt for cherry blossoms, and Misuzu had heard there was a good spot to enjoy them at the Osaka Expo Park. So off we went on the train:

We bought some food in passing by, and had a picnic under some cherry blossoms:

This certainly was a good spot for cherry blossoms, the whole park was full of them!

We quickly realized that Japan truly is the vending machine heaven. Cash is king, and you can buy ANYTHING in those vending machines - from hot coffee (!) to ice cream:

This park is the former site of the World Expo 1970, and the symbol of that Expo was the 'Tower of the Sun' which is still standing at the park after having been restored many times since.


A lovely artistic photo, styled and taken by Lucas:

There was a lot of things to do in this park, pedal boats on the lake for example, and the tallest ferris wheel in Japan:

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