Sunday, 8 April 2018

Japan, Day 4 - Easter Fun

We started our Easter a bit early due to other plans over the weekend to come, and on the Friday we took all the kids for a little walk in the neighbourhood.

Our walk took us up to the local Hineno shrine - where there was more cherry blossoms..!

Misuzu taught us a bit about the Japanese traditions of how you clean yourself before you enter the holy ground; first the left hand, then the right hand and you also rinse the mouth. Finally the left hand again and also the stem of the ... before you leave it ready for the next person:

We were also taught how to call upon the gods, by ringing the bell, bowing and clapping our hands in a special sequence:

After visiting the shrine we moved on to a park nearby. It was beautifully decorated for Spring Fest, it felt like we were walking through some Hobbit party, it was so, so pretty!

There was a lot of cherry blossoms in this park too, and a lot of people there enjoying their Friday, having brought picnics and such.

So this was where we decided to do the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Matt and Misuzu took off hiding the many chocolate eggs, while I distracted the kids. They were hidden high and low around a small area of the park.

Then we let the kids set off on their hunt!

Counting the loot - Misuzu had lugged all the eggs back from NZ, so there was some real treasures in there..!

Very happy little bunnies!!

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