Tuesday, 14 September 2021

This girl is on Pfizer

Today I finally had my appointment for my vaccine booster shot. Just in time before the grace period ends next week! When they implemented the new regulations on the 20th of August (which says that all over 16 years needs to be vaccinated to enter anywhere), they also decided that if you had got your Sinopharm vaccination more than 6 months ago, you needed a booster shot. Only for the Sinopharm, not for Pfizer or Moderna which has also been used here in the UAE.

As we all had our vaccinations in January-February, we now needed a booster shot to be considered vaccinated - but it proved quite a mission to get appointments at first. Turned out Lucas could get his as a walk-in a few weeks back, Nathan got his at his work, and I finally managed to book one for today, yay! (There was only a one month grace period, so after the 20th of September I would've been stuck at home otherwise!) Linnea will get her booster as soon as she turns 16.

We decided to go with Pfizer this time, as being vaccinated with Pfizer would be beneficial for us, especially if/when traveling to Europe. Sinopharm is not yet recognised by many European countries where you need to show proof of vaccination. So to have the booster here is mandatory, but it's voluntary to go for the full course. We have decided that we will have the two doses though, after thorough research and consideration. Although it does make you feel a bit like a pin cushion, or a medical experiment... - but hey, we all want this to end, don't we?! You do what you gotta do!

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