Sunday, 12 September 2021

2nd week done

In the car this morning going to school Linnea said "It already feels like we are half-way through the term", and I agree - it sure does! The kids have settled right back into school rhythm real quick, although we are all still super tired both in the evenings and when the alarm goes...

So we closed the book on the second week of school and I am still unsure if it was a better week than last or not.
I did spend four hours of my Sunday last week chit-chatting with my friend Frida over coffee and cake. A great start to any week obviously! I also really enjoyed the Swedish Ladies breakfast morning on Thursday, but that was about all the fun I had last week.

Other than that, last week was about boring jobs, and watching 'Schitt's Creek'. Took the kids for their PCR-tests for school, took Lucas for his eye-test for the drivers license and to the Driving School to open his traffic file and for his theory lessons. I sat at the hairdressers a whole morning, only to end up with a way shorter style than I meant to, and Nathan had his vaccine booster shot.
Linnea was the only one being a bit sociable this weekend. I took her to the mall on Thursday afternoon for her to hang out with her friends. Instead of dropping her and picking her up I decided to stay behind, which was a bad idea as I got bored already after half an hour... So I spent a while people-watching in a café, then another while walking round and round closing my rings.

Anyway, somber September continues and I wish I could say I'm doing my best to beat the blues, but the reality is that I'm just trying to at least roll with it.

This weeks menu for the archives:
Cheese-filled meat loaf with lemon roasted potatoes and tomato & pepper sauce
Sausage stroganof (A complete failure. I can't seem to find the right mortadella to replace the 'falukorv' needed)
Chicken satay with vegges and rice (Apparently was a success as Lucas wanted the leftovers in his lunchbox the next day)
Take-away Chinese
Fish & Chips
Sushi at the mall

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