Thursday, 23 September 2021

Four weeks done

Great stuff! We have managed four whole weeks of school - IN school!
normal, it's fantastic!

Nathan has been busy working all week, I have had Game Night, been to a book exchange breakfast with SwedishLadies and - played padel! I finally dared to take on the humidity on Tuesday night, and actually it wasn't too, too bad. I survived, and had great fun!
Kids are digging their heels in and firmly getting on with school work. Lucas kicked back and hung out with his friends this afternoon, while Linnea and I went to the mall and sorted a few things for tomorrow. Bad idea to do the mall on a Thursday night, but we had to do the needful!

This week we ate:
Poke Bowl (yes, again, such a hit we had to repeat!)
Beef stroganoff
Pasta bolognese (cooked by Lucas)
Pizza take-away

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