Sunday, 23 August 2020


So finally it was travel day for us as well. After the rollercoaster of emotions of the past many weeks we were so ready to get home. Still a bit nervous considering all the hoops we still had in front of us to jump through, but at least checking in at Landvetter was easy peasy. Traditional last photo at departure point:

I liked this wall decoration at the airport, so pretty!

Stress affects different people in different ways. For me it goes straight to my stomach. So it wasn't until we had done the transit in Frankfurt (without any issues) and sat down by the gate in super good time that I was finally able to eat something. Linnea was keen on trying out a German pretzel and I had coffee and the sandwich I had bought at Landvetter.

Then onto Etihad for the last leg home. We sat up the front and enjoyed a nice meal and a few movies on the way home.

On arrival in Abu Dhabi, we were prepared for queues but we were so lucky that there was no other flight coming in at the same time; so we were through all the extra checks, PCR-test and immigration and in a taxi in less than half an hour.
Now we "only" have to do the mandated 14 day home quarantine. Ah well.
At least we are home!

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