Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Sweet Linnea is now 14 years old, can you believe it?! 14!! STOP THE TIME! I don't want any more birthdays, I just want them to stay young and cuddly forever..!

Birthday girl was woken up with singing and presents, as per tradition:

Clothes and new headphones:

Not everybody were quite as energetic this early in the morning...

I had been on the waiting list in the Lego Store, for the brand new Lego from the TV-series 'Friends', which is one of her favourites. Such a cool set!

Pancake breakfast, of course, flags and confetti!

After school we celebrated with cheese cake:

Linnea built her new 'Friends' Lego, the Central Perk place:

Not a bad haul!

In the evening Linnea got to choose dinner place, so she took us (and our neighbour Rory) for sushi, which was nice as that's a favourite of all of us! Om nom nom!

Happy Birthday dear Linnea, I wish you a wonderful year ahead!

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