Friday, 11 January 2019

Welcome to our Palace

Last night Linnea and I went to the Emirates Palace to take part in a guided tour around the premises. I've been trying to participate in one of these for a while, but they are scheduled rather rarely.
Of course I already know a lot about the Emirates Palace, at least what's official and public knowledge. My main objective with participating in the guided tour was to try and learn something I didn't know, and to get some fab photos.

Well, I did learn two or three new interesting facts, but nothing overly surprising. Understandably they keep pretty tight-lipped about the daily runnings of the Palace, to protect the privacy of their guests. Either way, it was a lovely tour.

We got to have a look inside one of the luxurious Palace Suites on the 6th floor, 685 square meters big. These are usually reserved for government, Heads of State and VVIPs:

The dining room, comes with a 24h butler and full pantry facilities next door:

The bedroom:

The dressing room:

The palatial bathroom, gold, gold, gold...

How much it costs? Like the guide said: "An arm and a leg... and both my kidneys!" Ha ha!

One of the new facts I learned was that every room in the palace has a balcony. Aha!
Here's the view from this particular suite:

We also got to stroll through the beautiful Blue Salon:

And have a peak into the Palace ballroom, where the largest of the 1,002 chandeliers of the Palace is hanging - it weights 2,5 tonnes:

Real, but petrified palm trees adorn the hallways, as the theme of the Palace is the colours and attributes of the desert:

Finally we got to come outside on the Palace Terrace:

To end the tour, we got treated to their famous 'Palace Cappuccino' at Le Café by the Fountains. As you might know, that's not your average coffee, it's actually decorated with flakes of edible gold.

Linnea doesn't drink coffee yet, so she got lucky and was offered their 'Ice Gold' ice cream. Pretty and delicious!

Such an enjoyable afternoon and evening with my favourite girl!

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