Wednesday, 23 January 2019

A wintery birthday weekend

Since we didn't really go anywhere for the winter holiday I had started to develop a bit of cabin fever. Add to that a rather slow start of the year work wise, I decided to book myself a short trip to Stockholm over the weekend. I had been missing my friends, so I decided to go celebrate my birthday with them. It was a much needed get-away!
Even though it always feels really weird traveling all on my own - this time it was even only with hand-luggage! Such a smooth experience!

I landed in a snowy and cold, but sunny and beautiful landscape. At Arlanda as well it was so easy to exit the airport, since I didn't have to wait for any baggage - and as the shuttle buses left every 10 minutes, I was on my way to the city center in no time!

Erika and I started the weekend by enjoying a delicious semla at one of the more famous and classic establishments in Stockholm, the café Vetekatten, established in 1928. You are not really supposed to eat semlor until Shrove Tuesday, but since they were already on offer everywhere - why not?

In the evening the feast continued at a book release party celebrating one of Erika's friends, Åsa, the author of the book 'Finish on time'. She had invited her friends for cider and smörgåstårta, one of my favourite foods - how lucky was I!

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