Friday, 25 January 2019

Saturday in Stockholm

Our Saturday in Stockholm was full of lovely things. Started by waking up to this crisp winter landscape outside the window, so pretty!

First Erika and I went to one of my favourite stores to buy a birthday gift to myself - some lovely jewellery from Caroline Svedbom. At least jewellery always fits, no matter how much weight you gain..!

Then it was time for the daily semla test! This time we headed to Tössebageriet to try a "new classic", the semmelwrap, which they invented there a few years back.

I really liked it!! Proportions were perfect and taste just great. I gave it 9,5/10 points, it only lost out 0,5 point for not being big enough, I wanted more..!

Then we picked Pia up from the train station and went straight for lunch at the vegetarian restaurant Sally Voltaire. Yes, we spent a lot of time eating and drinking this weekend! The weather wasn't really inviting for strolling outside... only for a bit here and there in between shops to be honest!

Saturday night we had booked a table at a fondue restaurant I had read great reviews of, and we weren't disappointed. Jenny(fer) joined us as well, and we had such a delicious meal, both meat- and fish fondue.

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