Saturday, 26 January 2019

A Stockholm birthday

Sunday in Stockholm, and the very first time my first-born and I have been apart on our birthday.
We had talked about it before I left and he was cool about me not being there, but it was a little bit weird, for both of us I think. We are similar in that sense that we both love traditions.

I still got woken up with beautiful singing, and getting to blow out a birthday candle off a kind of lamington and breakfast at a party decorated table, perfect way to start a birthday!

Lucas back in Abu Dhabi, got to open his presents while enjoying birthday pancakes for breakfast; and Linnea and Nathan had very dutifully hung the birthday banner and placed the flags as per every birthday.

So while Lucas went off to a long day at school, with drama practice in the afternoon so he wasn't done until 6 pm; the girls and I went into town to evaluate the daily semla. This time at Wienercaféet, last years winner of 'Best semla in Stockholm'. It sure was up there, really tasty! I feel we managed to pick out the very best of semla these days, all of them were delicious.

We then grabbed a quick pizza for lunch before we went to check in to our hotel. We had a funny moment with the receptionist when I said "Hi, we're Watson", and she thought I said "Hi, where's Watson?", which turned out to be their hotel bar..! Ha ha, so funny!

So of course we had to check Watson out, and started our evening with some bubbles.

To celebrate my birthday, Pia had gifted me a ticket to go see the 'Kort, Glad & Tacksam'-show with Pernilla Wahlgren and her friends. It was really good, we laughed and we sang along, and even shed some tears, all the emotions!

After the show we went for a three-course meal, with more bubbles..! Delish!

A great birthday! Thank you girls! ♥︎

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