Friday, 28 July 2017

At Naturum

The poor Boardman bike, it hasn't really seen a lot of action. At least this year Nathan took it out on a few rides. While the rest of us took the car one day, Nathan rode his bike to Broddetorp and Naturum by the Hornborga Lake.

Well deserved fika stop, at least for Nathan!

After fika we took a look in the newly renovated Naturum building.

The Hornborga Naturum is built on poles and welcomes the visitors out into the wetland. The experience inside the center aims to introduce the general public to the abundant bird life, and induce everybody to walk along the trails and visit the hides.
By taking the lift up to this roof terrace, you could enjoy the view over the wetlands and the table mountains in the distance.

Look at all those traces of bird feet!

We found this swallow, who was more than happy to have his picture taken! Look how close he let me get! 

After our little nature walk we raced Nathan home again. We won.

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