Monday, 29 May 2017


It was a big day for Lucas yesterday, after 1 1/2 years he was finally getting rid of his braces!

He had a canine which didn't come down properly, so he had braces fitted in October 2015. He has been so good with them, never complained or whined; brushed really well, sorted out his bands himself and always happily went to the orthodontist at each checkup.

He was really excited to finally see his teeth again, and a bit surprised about how it felt in his mouth without the braces.

He hadn't told anyone at school as he was excited to see today if anyone noticed, hence why I had to wait a day to blog about it..! He was so proud checking out his new smile, made my heart swell.

One down, one to go. Once we get back after the summer holiday, Linnea needs to get fitted too as this stubborn canine seems to run in the family. Although as she has a one-sided cross bite, she needs to have that adjusted first, before the actual braces can be fitted to sort out the canine.

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