Saturday, 9 January 2016

Time to go!

After the record-warm winter they had, Sweden got back to sub-freezing temperatures for the last few days of our stay. It kept getting colder, and colder... and colder. They even reported that a national 'isdygn' had been recorded over that weekend, a term used to describe a 24-hour period where ice is detected and the temperature is below zero at all major weather stations in the country.

On the day we left it was -14.7 C, which, while being cold enough, still remains a long way from the coldest date recorded; back in 1966 a temperature of -52.6 C (!) was measured in Sweden's far north.

 Waiting for the train was chilly enough for us though! Brrrrr!

We enjoyed the beautiful, frosty winter landscape a bit more, once inside the warm train..!

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