Sunday, 24 January 2016

HSBC Rugby Festival Dubai 2016 - Lucas

On the weekend it was time for one of the bigger rugby tournaments of the year, the HSBC Rugby Festival in Dubai. Last year there was 220 entered teams with over 4,500 players; and this year they expected it to be even bigger.
I took the kids up to this one last year on my own as Nathan was working, and remember unfortunately mostly running between the pitches and missing a lot of play, as both the kids were playing on the same day, but in opposite areas of the stadium.
This year we were lucky enough to have Nathan home, and also, to have the kids play each on their day. It meant for an incredibly long weekend for us parents, and not just one but two dull driving trips to Dubai; but well worth it to be able to be there and fully support both of them.

Driving up on Friday took a little bit longer than normal, due to the heavy fog. Couldn't see much at all, and I had the camera ready, in case the temperature would actually hit single digits!

But, even though it's chilly and cold in the mornings at the moment, it quickly warms up and it turned into another beautiful day.
The U12s only send one team this year, so all the boys got a lot of play time.

One of our games were against the Dubai Hurricanes - Malthes team! The Dads got to stand side by side to enjoy the match, which Hurricanes won big. Lucas and Malthe didn't have any immediate contact during the game, but it was fun to see them on the pitch together.

Linnea was there too, and spent all day together with Ida. They had a lot of fun, winning prizes over in the skills zone, going on adventures and hanging out.

During these tournaments there is a lot of waiting between the games. We started at 8.45 (with having to leave Oakley with his dogsitter before, meant we had been up at 5.30 to leave home at 6.30 that morning...) and we didn't leave 7he Sevens until after 6pm, after the award ceremony.

Finally, some close-up photos taken by another parent, Johan Liebenberg.
I love this first one of Lucas, that's commitment for you!

Team photo at the end of a long day:

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