Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Wednesday, with cake

Well, this Wednesday wasn't a completely normal Wednesday - as it had cake!
It was the big double birthday day in our house. First we woke up the now 12 year old:

Bigger birthday numbers means less presents. Lucas got some books from his cousins, the Dan Carter book from Grandma and Granddad, some Lego from Mormor and Morfar; a phone cover from Linnea and from us a t-shirt and the new X-Box One, with some games and a spare controller.

Then the slightly older birthday person got woken up, displaying a very puffy early morning face..!
I got an Icebreaker top, a handbag, hand cream from Jo Malone and a set of make-up bags.

Birthday breakfast with flags and banners!

While the kids were in school, Nathan and I celebrated my birthday with Indian lunch outside by the beach, and a nice coffee break, just the two of us.

Lucas still wanted to go to CrossFit after school on his birthday, as you get to be the special person for the session. They did "birthday burpees" and "birthday box jumps" amongst other things.

Back home, the neighbourhood kids came for cake:

I got my own cake! :)

And for dinner we had everybodys favourite - sushi! A good end to a very good day!

Happy Birthday to us!

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  1. Wow 12!! Elsker banneret som henger på veggen med Boel & Lucas på - kjempefint!