Saturday, 7 November 2020


After what felt like a week when the whole world held its breath, we are ending this weekend with finally hearing that there is an official result in the US elections.
What a week, but what a great result!

Our weekend was rather quiet, nobody had any big plans.
Linnea made us a kladdkaka for dessert after dinner, as apparently it was Kladdkakans Dag, and all special days are worth celebrating, of course! And talking about celebrating, we also baked some lussebullar earlier today, just because! Early? Sure! This year it feels like this year anything goes!
I've heard about the increasing celebration of 'Novent' in Sweden, it seems like people need to add light more than ever now in Covid-times. 'Novent' apparently is a bit like Advent, but in November. You count down the four last weekends before Advent, and the last one coincides with the first Sunday of Advent. Yeah well, why not? Bring it!

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