Saturday, 21 November 2020

Corona Diary, Day 255-261

Day 255, Sunday 15 November
I try to fill my week with at least one "activity" per day, may it be an outing, a lunch date, a Zoom-call or a shopping trip. Today I went to see a friend for a beach walk close to her house. Hung about all morning and enjoyed the sea and the sun, felt like I was on holiday!

I think a lot about the rhythm of life at the moment, and how it used to be. How did I have time last year to do my studies full time and work and manage all the other things that "normal" life involves? And more importantly, do I want to go back to that kind of rhythm (read stress)... really?
Prawn pasta for dinner while we couldn't help by starting the new season of 'The Queen' which came out today. We had said we would save it until we had finished our current series, but... just too exciting!

Day 256, Monday 16 November
Nathan and I had a few jobs to do at the mall this morning before I met Frida there for lunch. It had been too long since I saw her and it was too short, but nice nevertheless of course! Chicken Jalfrezi for dinner.

Day 257, Tuesday 17 November
Training. Study Group. Studying for Uni. Dinner. TV. My life feels quite square at the moment, but I don't mind it too much actually. I miss working though, more and more each day.
Nathan was at work all day and after he got home in the afternoon we sat outside for a bit with Linnea, and played some cards. Such nice weather at the moment. I really want some cosy outdoor lights to create some ambiance, but I can't seem to find any nice battery operated ones.

Day 258, Wednesday 18 November

Even though we are far from the Groundhog Day-feelings of the spring, some days still have that notion of same-same to them. Mostly I do enjoy the humdrum, but today I felt a bit numb, and a lot bored. Not even the weekly Uni-lecture cheered me up.
Usually we might do a take-away at the end of the week, but today I was so totally uninspired we had McDonald's for dinner. Yup. That bad.

Day 259, Thursday 19 November
Today Nathan was up early for a morning ride with a mate. I discovered a new place for lunch and Lucas went to the bowling alley with a few friends after school. Lentil dahl for TV-dinner. Sadly we now have finished both 'The Queens Gambit' and the fourth season of 'The Crown', so looking for a new series to watch.

Day 260, Friday 20 November
Nathan went actually flying today, for a change, and the rest of us had a homely day for a bit before Linnea and I took Lucas to the mall. He was going to have dinner with friends; and Linnea and I did a bit of shopping at IKEA. She got a big Christmas tree for her room, something she really wanted. We were so lucky, they just put one in the right size in the bargain corner as we walked passed, so we snatched that up!

Day 261, Saturday 21 November
I actually hate the weekends. Yup, I do.
The only reason we observe weekends at all is because of school. Nathan obviously doesn't work normal weeks or normal hours even; and neither did I previously in any of the jobs I have had. It was only when we had kids and they started school that we got kind of a "normal" rhythm, or base line if you wish. Although Nathan has been working for many, many (well most) of the weekends, in full or in parts; so we have never really had that TGIF-feeling (or TGIT here in Abu Dhabi...) at the end of the week, or those family weekends together.
I actually never feel as lonely or as bored as I do over the weekends; because my friends here all spend theirs with their family as their husbands work normal weeks - so no one wants to play. Not even my own family unfortunately, they are all homebodies and hard to excite with anything.

So in a bid to make at home a bit more cosy since we spend so much time here, my project of the day involved mounting new lights outside. I had been looking for some bulb-looking ones with a yellow light for a while, but since I couldn't find any I decided to get these string lights from ACE yesterday. We tried out the newly lit space by having dinner outside (hoki fish parcels and sweet potatoes) and it also worked for some card playing. But... it's not quite there. Hm, I'm not sure if it's the lights or the way I've hung them. Argh, gotta keep working at it.

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