Friday, 13 November 2020

Art Space WTC Mall

Yesterday I found the other 'Art Space' here in Abu Dhabi a little bit by chance, at the WTC Mall. It's a smaller space here, so it's easier to miss - don't! Please do go have a look if you are nearby, it's a wonderful chance to get to know another local artist, Diaa Allam.

Diaa Allam describes himself as "an Egyptian artist with an Emirati spirit", born and based here in the UAE.  He is an urban planner and landscape architect by profession, and here he is showcasing his calligraphy art.

His art is a rather modern twist on calligraphy where he creates abstract art, sometimes 3D. This here below was my favourite, so vibrant in both colour and pattern.

Diaa Allam is a current Cultural Foundation resident. During this 'Art Space' project this specific location will be used for Cultural Foundation residents only, other artists will be announced in the future.

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