Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Art Space Yas Mall

I took Linnea to Yas Mall this afternoon since she had a movie date with one of her friends. Before going back home again, I wanted to check out something I had seen reported about in social media, a new Art Space somewhere in the mall. I found it easily enough, just up the stairs from the grocery shop.

I must say, I was so impressed by this small exhibition - in the middle of the mall!
'Art Space' is a new initiative aimed at supporting the local art community. Currently across three different malls in Abu Dhabi, local artists are showcasing their work. This initiative will continue over eight months, and 12 different artists will come together and display their art.

Here at Yas Mall, the first artist to exhibit is emirati artist and jewelry designer Azza Al Qubaisi. You can enjoy some of her stunning metalwork sculptures and also a few pieces of jewelry.

This piece below is called 'Identities' and is an art installation by Al Qubaisi and 100 other artists. This following text is from the sign on the wall: "It embodies the spirit of inclusion, by showcasing artists of distinction alongside those of determination. Each artist expressed their identity and creativity on a palm frond, which when unified revealed the diversity of the local art community". Isn't it cool?

Some details from a few of the fronds:

You can't see here on these photos, but the picture to the left is of a large sculpture, probably about 1,5 m tall, in metalwork. The picture on the right, are bracelet sized copies of said sculpture, in different metals.

Having a small exhibition space like this, in a mall is a way to bring art TO the people, attract a wider audience and continue the cultural development of the UAE. It is also a way to tackle one of the challenges the artist community here in the UAE is facing, the lack of art spaces.
I found it really, really invigorating - and a welcome feast for the eyes and the soul to get to wander for a few minutes and take in these beautiful sculptures, in the middle of a busy, buzzing shopping mall.

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