Tuesday, 17 November 2020

A morning in Hidd

Sunday morning I started the week in the best way possible - with some sun, some sea and a friend!
Petra lives in Hidd, which is a newer development on Saadyiat Island, right on the beach. So lush, beautiful and green (and way, way over our budget unfortunately!). I felt like I was in a resort on holiday as we walked down to the beach.

There was NOBODY else on the beach, apart from the odd jogger. Totally Covid-safe activity! We left our small camp behind and went for a walk about 2,5 km out towards the end of the island before we turned back.

We saw traces of the dhabi, the local gazelles that roam the island:

After turning back we had the whole skyline of Abu Dhabi city in front of us as it was a really clear morning.

I was going to get to try her SUP board, but unfortunately the sea was a bit too rough for a beginner, so that will have to be next time. We just had a swim instead, the water is still the perfect temperature.

After our walk and a swim, we went back to her garden as both her kids are e-learning from home and it was time to get them lunch. I had a swim in their pool and we had our lunch outside in the gorgeous weather - and I had total house-envy! Oh how I would love to live like this, well, who wouldn't!? I guess Nathan works for the wrong company, ha ha - we need a bigger allowance!


Thank you Petra for a great morning!

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