Sunday, 1 November 2020

Corona Diary November Status

Another month already gone, it's actually hard to believe! The good weather is really, really helping with the mood, and the time to pass! Even though the tourist season should've been well started by now and I should be busy working - which I am obviously not, I still manage to fill my days.

Although, I think I might go back to writing a weekly entry on the blog again. As I have noticed going back through the posts of the past month, I have only written about all the special things we have done, so it seems like our life has been all party-party and high life lately. Believe me, there are those days still as well, every now and then.

At the moment all the talk is more about what's happening in Europe than what is going on here. Obviously the newly announced lock-downs in many of the European countries will affect us as well, and whatever tourism we were hoping to happen in the next few months. For a change it feels like we are actually in the better place at the moment, being able to be outside (in the gorgeous weather), visit restaurants and attractions, go to shops and live life. Even though we still have restrictions, at least we are not locked up and suffering from endless dark, gloomy weather...

Finally, here's the November Covid check-in:
* 1,278 new cases today, from 112,546 tests. New recovered cases are a lot higher than new cases though, at 1,606. Todays' total number of infected is 133,907, with 496 deaths. Global cases stand at nearly 46M with now almost 1,2M deaths.
* Cultural institutions are scheduled to open, and are hosting workshops and courses, and public libraries are opening.
* Kids above 12 can now start up their sports activities again (with restrictions, of course), BUT - Linnea and the rest of the Grade 6-10 teenagers in Abu Dhabi are still doing e-learning from home. Today it has been 241 days since she last went to school, physically. It seems everything is opening, but those Grade 6-10 kids have been forgotten at home...
* Quarantine rules are still the same, and the border restrictions to Dubai and the other emirates as well.

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