Saturday, 14 November 2020

Corona Diary, Day 248-254

Day 248, Sunday 8 November
So this week started with new rules, again, on entering the emirate. We had hoped it would let up soon, but instead it's getting increasingly difficult. Now you need a negative PCR or DPI test not older than 48h, to cross the border into Abu Dhabi. If you are staying on you need another PCR test on the 4th day, AND a further PCR test on the 8th day. Yeah, we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

I went to Hudayriyat Island with Linda, a bit of a walk and a swim to start the week!
Nathan went to the SideHustle warehouse to help Chad out with labeling the newest shipment, and the kids had school. Our favourite Skinnymixers pork fillet and homemade bearnaise for dinner while we started our latest series 'The Queens Gambit'.

Day 249, Monday 9 November
I had a busy day on Monday. Morning walk at the Mangrove Park with my friend Kathleen and in the afternoon two Zoom trainings with the Louvre Abu Dhabi.
Unfortunately it was also a day of bad news. First there was another round of firings among the pilots, although it seems like Nathan kept his job this time as well, phew. Such a stressful time this is, feeling like your whole livelihood is in jeopardy all the time. Of course it turned out to a bit of a down day for Nathan, facing now to have to say goodbye some of his colleagues and friends, again.
Then school very disappointingly let us know that "We will welcome all students back to school in January" actually means there will be a one week on-one week off schedule for the Grade 6-10 students. Booo!

Lucas went to have dinner with his friends at the Mall and I had a bit of a walk-about there when I had dropped him off. Checked out the Christmas stuff in the shops to cheer me up, and started actually looking forward to decorating and enjoying the festive times. I might let Linnea convince me to start earlier than I had thought.

Day 250, Tuesday 10 November
We had about 3,5 hours of virtual Parent-Teacher conferences this morning, which by the way worked even better than the normal ones I would say! All on time and with none of that endless walking back and forth between buildings! Good feedback mostly, for both the kids. No surprises, just the usual stuff really - "can do better", "need to push a bit more", "could do with some better time management" etc.
Having done all the conferences in one go then meant the rest of the day (and tomorrow) is free, as conferences are always scheduled across two days.

Linnea went to the mall with a friend, and I went and checked out the newly opened 'Art Space' there. Nathan had a sleep since he was about to go flying all night, and then we had our favourite fast food combo sushi & shawarmas (so easy) for dinner.

Day 251, Wednesday 11 November
An extra day off. Nathan landed early this morning and had a bit of a sleep. The rest of the day we were all just lounging around at home.

Day 252, Thursday 12 November
So I was in the city today, at the Jysk shop, and at the second Art Space location.
Linnea baked the first gingerbread cookies of the season (all by herself!), and after a quick trip to IKEA to get a big 10 L pot (in preparation for one of the weekend dinners) we had some Creamy Satay Chicken for dinner and watched TV.

Day 253, Friday 13 November
I dropped Nathan to spend the afternoon and evening at the Craft Beer Event at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. Linnea spent her afternoon perfecting her icing skills on her gingerbread cookies, and I cooked a great herb-crusted eye beef fillet with cauliflower and parsnip mash for dinner. Winner dinner, even with the kids!

Day 254, Saturday 14 November
One of those days that I am not very fond of, that feels like a waste of life - especially now when weather is so good, and while we can go out. But I seem to be the only one who wants to "do things". Linnea did go a friends house for a few hours while Lucas hid in his room and Nathan lazed in front of the TV. I attempted to do some studying but gave up and have one of those afternoons just staring into the blue (ha ha, who am I kidding - into the beige!) instead. *Sigh*
Dinner took hours to prepare, but it was worth it, very yummy pork knuckles! First boiled nearly two hours in our new big pot and then in the oven for another hour and a bit - you could hear the crackling pop as they came out..!

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