Sunday, 1 November 2020

Halloween Brunching

For the last three years we have had the Hybholt family visit us this time of the year, during their midterm break from school. This year things are different, unfortunately, and we miss having them. They always want to do a brunch when they come, so we have done several Halloween-themed brunches over the last few years. Even this year though it turned out!
On Friday we got invited out to celebrate, not Halloween particularly, but our friend Johan's birthday; at a brunch we hadn't been to before - the Market Brunch at the Saadiyat Rotana.

I love themed brunches, and I must say - the presentation here was out-of-this-world fantastic! I must say this quickly became one of my all-time favourite brunches! Just look at all this:

Carving station:

Getting the caviar and the oysters:

We sat outside, even though the temperature was a tad warm just as we arrived we quickly acclimatised. I guess the free-flow Moët helped! Living the life!

Lobster feast!

Everything was set up Corona-style, which meant the food was all displayed behind big plastic screens and you were not to serve yourself but the staff got the food for you as you pointed at what you desired. It felt a bit like when you were a kid, and stood at the pick-and-mix..."one of those please, and two of those"..!

Fresh fruit section:

The extremely large cheese table:

Some more sea food, dim sum and Peking duck:

Us ♥︎

Tempura and sushi:

Linda & Johan:


Cake and candles for the birthday boy:

Heading into the cheese... and the red Bubblegum drinks... or what turned out to be the beginning to the end... ha ha!

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