Friday, 13 November 2020


Late last month there was a new store opening in Abu Dhabi, one that sparked some interest in the Scandinavian community - the Danish chain Jysk! Yesterday I brought Linda along and we went all the way to the city to the World Trade Center Mall to have a browse.

We started in the J Café, a really cosy space for being inside a mall. We actually came for the sole purpose of having one of their (10 AED!) Pumpkin Spice Lattes, as there has been quite a buzz about these, and Linda had never tried one. You see, Starbucks decided for some unknown reason not to bring their special autumn Pumpkin Lattes to the UAE this year, causing an upset among all the coffee-lovers of the country. This is a great substitute I must say, yum, yum!

I had a really good power-dress day yesterday. I felt so chic in this new set of mine that I bought on a whim the other day, because I loved the maroon colour. I've never worn a set before, the ones I've tried (because they looked cool on others) always made me feel like I had PJs on - but I actually really love this one! So much that you get a mirror selfie!

A really nice shop, with both bigger furniture and lots of little trinkets.

Although Jysk, we have to talk about this poster... "Danish" tea time? With Stig Lindberg and Berså? I don't think so, ha ha! Stig Lindberg is one of the more famous SWEDISH designers!

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