Thursday, 5 November 2020

Corona Diary, Day 241-245

I mentioned in an earlier post that I felt like the blog turned a bit one-sided last month, as I only wrote about our outings and adventures. I am really happy that we have had outings and adventures to write about, of course! Although I do also want to remember all these other days. The normal, or maybe not so normal days, because of the whole Covid-situation. So I decided to start weekly wrap-ups again.

As Linnea is still not going to school but doing e-learning from home, we are still counting the days since the last school day - which today is 245 (!) by the way...
On a positive note regarding schools, this Tuesday we finally had official news that they will resume for ALL students in January. Yes, good. But, we are not celebrating yet. That's still TWO months away! A lot can change between now and then.
Plus, why wait two more months?? I still fail to understand why these kids have to stay home from school, yet they are welcome to visit theme parks, beaches, shopping malls, cinemas, libraries, tourist sights, sporting activities etc; basically everything else is open as normal, but schools. Duh.

Boel: I have had a lovely week this week. Last week I actually almost got a bit socially overloaded (only almost!), so I tried to make this week a bit more balanced. On Sunday I went to the LAD with a few of my colleagues, as we had heard there had been rotations in some galleries and we wanted to check them out. New artwork (on loan) in place - by Van Gogh, Monet, Degas and others! Joy! I can't wait to present these on my tours!

Monday I got some outdoor exercise done at the Jubail Mangrove Park with Linda; and Tuesday it was time for my Zoom Study Group with the LAD girls. I so enjoy these sessions. This week we had a particularly good one with lots of interesting presentations and rewarding discussions. Wednesday I was back on Zoom - to do my very first Virtual Guided Tour! It was a success, worked really well actually! It was a tour of Masdar City for a group of Swedish ladies.

It was also time this week to start the next syllabus in my Uni course. It's called "The Mask of Beauty" and covers the genre of portraiture art during the 16th-19th centuries. Super interesting.

Nathan: Nathan has been working a bit this week. He's had early starts though, so he has been back home well before lunch time already. He took his bike and went to the track on Sunday night. He has been on a roll with his biking and exercising for quite a few months now. Good stuff.

Lucas: Not much happening there. School and homework. At least we get the pleasure of his company for mealtimes, just.

Linnea: Her at least we see a bit more of as she still prefers to do her school work at the dining table. I guess she likes the company. I took her to the Pink Shops on Tuesday as she got a big easel in birthday gift from her friends, so now she needed more canvases. It's nice that she is spending her spare time doing something creative, rather than just watching TV.

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