Monday, 8 February 2016

Waitangi Day 2016

We really loved the Waitangi Brunch we took part in last year, so when we discovered it was going to happen again this year, we jumped right at it. I had planned to bring Beenal to a Friday Brunch anyway, so we thought we should kill two birds with one stone and do the Waitangi one.

The organizers had improved on last years event on many points, the food was served inside this time, and not only did it seem to be a bigger selection, there also seemed to be a lot more of it.

There was a lot more seating space too, last year we unfortunately didn't get a table outside. This year there was ample seating. So much so, that the place didn't fill up, and it looked a bit empty, like half the people invited hadn't made it.

We don't know many other Kiwis here actually, so we felt a bit lonely just us on one end of a big table. We only sort of spoke with a couple of the other Kiwi parents from rugby, and a few of the Kiwi teachers from school. Other than that, we enjoyed eating and drinking, the speeches and games - and the haka of course! A nice afternoon indeed, but it just didn't feel as festive as last year.

Lovely food, and great company!

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