Monday, 8 February 2016

Favourite school day of the year

Saturday was my favourite school day of the year, International Day. I had signed up again to help out with the Swedish stall; it's something I really enjoy, plus I have all the Swedish informative stuff ready to go in a box, so it's no big deal finding it each year and bring it to display.
Our stall was fab!!

This year there was quite a big group of Swedish parents that helped out. The school only provided us with a table, so I brought our gazebo and another mum brought a big Swedish flag so that we could screen ourselves off a bit.
We brought Swedish children's books, touristy books and other information. Someone had made display boards with Swedish brands etc, we had a giant Dalahästbrio  and a giant Brio dog amongst other things on our table. Lots and lots of blue and yellow flags and decorations of course!

We were standing back-to-back with New Zealand, very handy!

This year I managed to see the International Day Assembly, which ia one of the few they do with the whole school. There was some nice speeches, both from the principal and a few older students, and they did the 'Line of Nations' - 84 different countries being represented in the school this year!

Such a beautiful, colourful celebration and what an amazing turnout! Certainly a highlight of the school calendar for most people.

Before the kids were released and it all kicked off, I took a few pictures around the Global Village. 44 different countries had put up stalls this year, the biggest Global Village so far!

Again, there was an amazing array of food being prepared and sold - everything from pretzels in Germany, to lasagna in Italy, crepes in France, burgers in Australia, lamb buns in NZ to spring rolls in Thailand, dolmades in Lebanon etc etc.

Last year we had joked about getting IKEA to sponsor us this year, as we had done such good PR for them serving up 'Lingondricka' and 'Pepparkakor', for free!
Well guess what, I contacted IKEA and asked - and indeed, they were more than happy to provide us with these Swedish delicacies for free this year! Thank you IKEA!!

We were in a much better spot this year, in the absolute middle of everything. Lots of people came to our stall, in fact so many, that our 500 cups ran out..! And also the 'Lingondricka'!! Very popular!

Next year I think we will rethink our concept and try something else though. This has been very good, but we have now done the same thing two years in a row - maybe next year we should try and see if IKEA will sponsor us with meatballs..! :)

Linnea in the NZ stall, she was guessing the amount of lollies in the jars, in the hope of winning them.

Beenal came along of course, here she is at the Indian stall:

South Korea was one of the countries providing entertainment. There was also flamenco dancers in Spain, Irish jig dancers in Ireland, local dancing in the UAE, poi "juggling" in NZ, etc etc.

The kids and their besties; Linnea, Laura and Grace:

KJ, Lucas, Eddie and Kyle:

Another great International Day in the books! I love that we are a part of such a diverse and inclusive community. Love International Day! <3

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