Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Today we finally got around to having Lucas' birthday party, better late than never!
Initially he wanted to do paintball, but after having seen some photos from another party, he decided on trying 'Zorb football'. He invited 9 friends and we scheduled it in - in the end they were 8 boys gathering to play today.

First they got some safety information from the Coach:

And instructions in how to "put on" the bubble, and how to get up when having fallen over.

They started with a couple of 5 minute games of normal football. In the beginning the ball was nearly obsolete though, all the boys were more interested in bumping, bouncing and crashing into each other..! We saw some amazing flips and saltos from the sideline, it looked so much fun!

It was hot inside the bubbles, and a bit cramped for some of the boys, so we had to take several drinks breaks.

They also played 'Bulldog', and a challenge game, and 'Last Man Standing'.

After the 'Bubble Football' activity, we took them all back to ours and fed them KFC and donuts. Then we delivered some really dirty and stinky, but truly happy boys back to their parents. Another successful birthday party in the books!

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