Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Epitome of indulgence

International Day was only a half school day luckily, being held on a Saturday and all to make it possible for working parents to participate as well. So after we had packed up and brought everything and everyone home, Beenal and I continued our day downtown.

I wanted to take Beenal to do something I've had on my Abu Dhabi Bucket List for a while, now was really the perfect occasion with the perfect company - it was time to experience the High Tea at the Emirates Palace.
No trip to Abu Dhabi really is complete without a visit to this place, one of the most expensive hotels ever built (more than 6 billion USD) and the most iconic structure in our capital.
They too had decorated for Chinese New Year:

Their Emirates Palace Signature Cappuccino is laced with 24 carat gold flakes..! But of course! Only in Abu Dhabi, eh! Really pretty, very royal and the epitome of indulgence yes, but I must say, I've had better coffee though...

Beenal and I went all out, and opted for their High Tea - with finger sandwiches, scones with different jams and clotted cream, several cakes and desserts and to top it off, a chocolate fondant... We were extremely full afterward... but it was yummy for sure!

They didn't save on the gold! Most of the desserts and little cakes were dusted with gold as well!

The Emirates Palace:

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