Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Paris - Day 4

Monday was our last day in Paris and even though we were flying out in the evening, it didn't slow us down. We checked out in the morning and left our luggage in the hotel, and off we went for our last adventures. It was still chilly, but at least it was a dry day, so it made for a welcomed change!
We started our day with toast and hot chocolate in a nearby coffee shop.

This is the most narrow street in Paris at just 1,8m wide, Rue du Chat qui Pêche, which was located not far from our hotel.

Pont Notre Dame and the Conciergerie, as seen from Pont d'Arcole:

For our last stroll, I took the kids to another favourite part of Paris, Le Marais. It's filled with beautiful houses, little galleries, cool shops and an ethnic mix of Jews, Asians and others which creates an exciting atmosphere.

In the sun at Place des Vosges, in the heart of Paris. Considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world, as it's perfectly symmetrical - it has 36 houses, 9 on each side, made out of brick and stone.

For our last lunch we chose a local bistro, and I made the kids try 'steak haché', while I had a delicious quiche with chèvre and tomato.

After lunch we went to Jardin des Plantes and one of the oldest Zoological Parks in the world, Le Ménagerie. It specializes in small mammals, insects, birds, primates and reptiles.

It's very pretty, lovely surroundings. It was set up during the Revolution to house survivors from the Royal menagerie at Versailles; and it also welcomed animals that came from circuses, and exotic creatures sent from abroad.

This was my favourite part, inside the vivarium:

 The flamingos here were extremely red!

There was many animals I had never seen before. Like this strange looking "thing", an Axolotl..? Some kind of salamander amphibian?

The wallabies were very cute, and we could see that some of them even had little babies in their pouches!

The visit to the zoo rounded off our Paris trip for this time.
Back to the airport and back to Abu Dhabi. It was actually quite nice to leave the cold and get back to somewhat (for the moment) more comfortable temperatures, and not feel like you were going on a polar expedition every time you went out the door!

Next time we shall come in warmer weather, but Paris... aahhh, you were still amazing... Thank you! ❤️

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