Thursday, 11 February 2016

Paris mon amour!

How time flies, we have already finished half this term! So this weekend we have a long weekend as mid-term holidays. Kids and I decided we should take a trip somewhere, and inspired by some friends who recently went for their 10 year old's birthday, we chose Paris this time!

I have been wanting to take the kids to Paris for a while, as I used to live there a few years when I was young(er), first as an Au Pair and later as a tourist rep. The kids are old enough now to appreciate the many famous amazing sights, and even though we will probably have to go see the Eiffel Tower at least, I'm planning to take them to some less known places and restaurants too.

I have packed all our toastiest clothes as the weather report says it'll only be around 0-5 degrees, and rain for the next few days... Ah well, we'll have to make many café stops to warm up! It'll be cosy!
We're off to the airport soon, Paris - here we come!

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