Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Brother and sister

This is Oakley (to the right) and his sister Lara after Puppy School on Monday. She decided to jump into our car with him, and they looked so cute when they were sitting there looking at us, like they were saying "Well come on, let's go!".

Funny story: I was out walking Oakley just around our neighbourhood the other day, and as we took a corner onto another street we stopped in our tracks both of us, because there in the middle of the street stood - ... five big turkeys!!
They looked at us, said "gobble, gobble, gobble", and started walking across the street.
Oakley didn't quite know what to make of them, at first he barked, but when they started to walk about he got insecure because they were really big! Well, I decided we should go in the opposite direction, so I'm not quite sure where they belonged.
Was not expecting that!

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