Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Good little travelers

Took this photo of Lucas during the flight back from Paris. Both the kids are super seasoned plane passengers (this was Linnea's 189th flight and Lucas' 217th!) and they know the drill inside out.

It still warms my heart though, observing them going through their own routines as soon as we get on board, watching them get sorted and comfortable.
I love seeing them fold out the menu and have a chat with the stewardess when she comes to take their order. This time Lucas ordered the sea bass, with all his best manners. The stewardess looked puzzled and asked "You do know it's fish..?" Ha ha, apparently not many kids would pick the fish over steak or sandwiches.
It warms my heart when they fold out the napkins across their lap, and sit back and settle in and truly enjoy their dinner while watching a movie.

Good little travelers.

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