Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Not impressed

For this midterm holidays, the plan was only for the kids and I to do a little trip to Paris. As it turned out when the schedule was published, Nathan got the whole weekend off as well! We hoped he would get on the flight on Friday morning, and be able to spend at least three days with us, but unfortunately there was no free seats and taking any later flight would've really been no point.

But we had to plan for us all going, and since all our normal dogsitters also were away, we had to drop Oakley into a kennel for the first time on Thursday.
He wasn't impressed.

As soon as we walked into the kennel, ALL the other dogs already there (and there was MANY), started barking and carrying on, it was very, very noisy. Then we had to leave him in his little "room", which wasn't very cosy obviously... Poor little one, he was shaking as we left... not understanding what was going on...

He still stayed for three nights, as we will have to use the kennel again in the future so we wanted him to get a bit used to it. Hopefully next time he'll handle it better, knowing what's coming and most importantly, that we will come and get him again.

He was shattered when he got home, we think he might not have got much sleep there with all those other dogs around, bless him. He was very, very happy to get home, and this morning when the whole family was finally back - he really didn't know what to do with himself! Happy dog!

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  1. We are considering a move from South Africa to Abu Dhabi... I'd love to know how easy/difficult it is to be a dog owner in Abu Dhabi. We have a Labrador and a Rhodesian ridgeback.