Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Paris - Day 3

Day three and now thanks to our shopping stop the day before, we were even better dressed for the cold! All with long johns, Icebreaker tops and warmer gloves on! We jumped on a bus that took us via Bastille...

... and Gare de L'Est...

... to Montmartre!

Can you see the blue skies? It was SUNNY! Ah, so lovely!

A little break to have a look in our guidebooks:

Don't know why I put myself through another torture session of bringing the kids somewhere up high... but we decided to go up into the Ovoid Dôme of the Sacré-Coeur, something I hadn't done before, so why not? It's the second highest point in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower.

We got very dizzy going up the winding 300 steps in narrow tower. I almost got a bit claustrophobic, as you couldn't really stop anywhere and couldn't go in your own speed; there was people both in front of you and behind you. Not a very nice experience, but the view was so worth it!

The view from up here is really even better than the one from the Eiffel Tower! Amazing!

A special photo for Valentines Day!

Time to go down again, but to get down we had to go up some places, across the roof:

We continued to Place du Tertre, to check out the painters.

Unfortunately the sunny weather didn't last, the rain came back with full force after lunch; so we decided to go and do an indoor activity.

We went to Cité des Sciences, and made a visit to Cité des Enfants.

Such a cool place, with so much to do and explore for the kids! A great afternoon!

We had aimed for a restaurant similar to one we used to frequent a lot while we stayed in Toulouse that month when Lucas was a baby, 'L'Entrecôte'. Unfortunately we were too early, and it wasn't going to open for another 1 1/2h so instead we went next door to Hippopotamus for our Valentines dinner. It was only just ok, but the kids got heart-shaped balloons when we left, so they were happy!

Happy Valentines Day!

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