Monday, 8 February 2016

Joining the club

Our latest friend to join the 40-something club, is Frederik who turned the big 4-0 last week.

We drove up to Dubai on Tuesday to celebrate his day with him, even though it was a school night, because birthdays are important - especially big birthdays like this!
Since we arrived before the real party started, we had time for coffee and a homemade birthday cake in the garden.

And even some rugby!

Later in the evening, all their friends came for dinner. No kids, only ours, so they got fed some pizza before it all kicked off, and then got to go play inside.

I'm so jealous of their lovely garden, it it really cosy - although it was freezing cold and I had come away a bit too quickly from home, so I had to borrow a cardigan when the sun went down. Brrrr!

They had opted for catering, and the people from the restaurant came early and took about an hour to set everything up, and prepare the last bits and pieces. It looked really fancy, and tasted the part too! Mmm!

It was such a lovely night, a real shame I had to return so early to Abu Dhabi. But the kids had school the next day, and I had an early Zumba class, so we had to get away in time.
Happy Birthday Freddie!

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