Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wild Dolphins, part three

So, here are the last few dolphins we spotted.

Disco Dolphin. Dolphins use a variety of sounds to communicate, hunt and navigate. Disco Do,phone takes inspiration from this, thinking of DJs, music and sound waves as our way of communication. The iconic disco ball is recreated on the dolphin, using small mirror tiles. Apparently this is one of the most popular dolphins in the project.

Luna. Luna is inspired by the 'lunar pareidolia' phenomenon of perceiving images in the moons surface, most commonly the 'man in the moon'.

Golfin Dolphin. This dolphin is a celebration of the Scottish Open, the design shows the elegant club house, fairways and bunkers of the course. This dolphin is the only one having it's own security guard! It was signed by all the players participating in the Scottish Open last week - and they are anticipating it being a big favourite at the charity auction at the end of next month.

Pola. The working process of the artist involved a range of materials including acrylic and oil paint, collage, glazes and varnishes. He used the more urban colours rather than the colours of nature.

Wooly Wallace. Inspired by Scotland's rich tradition of knitted woollen textiles, Wooly has a knitted skin of geometric patterns in strong contrasting colours, arranged in a patchwork design.

Kelpie. This botanical collage shows the importance and beauty in all the natural resources go the ocean, focusing on the kelp that dolphins are known to swim, play and hide in. The seaweed patterns are attached on to the dolphin using a decoupage technique.

Hopefully we will scan our last dolphin (well, we are missing 10, but two are away for repair, and we never made it to the other ones) tomorrow at the airport. We have still done pretty well, finding as many as we have!

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  1. Masse fine delfiner - er det spesielt for Aberdeen eller et prosjekt på gang? Min favoritt var lappeteppe-delfinen!