Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Whereas last year Nathan didn't wear long trousers even once during our stay in Aberdeen, this year the weather there was a little bit more unpredictable. We had rain, we had wind, we had cold - and yes, a couple of lovely, sunny days too. We didn't mind any of it though, it was actually nice getting to wear jeans, socks, scarves and even hoodies and jackets!
But, I must admit arriving in Sweden this morning, to the start of another day of "crazy tropical temperatures" was pretty nice too! 

Since we are enjoying the joys of stand by travel this time around, we unfortunately got an extra night in Amsterdam on our way here. All the connecting flights to Gothenburg were very overbooked. We waited, and waited...

... and after having waited and waited only to get bumped off, and after having waited for 2 ½ hours to get our bags back... then, we needed to find a hotel room.
It's been over eight years since I last traveled through Schiphol, and I really didn't remember how huge that airport is! Absolutely massive!! We walked and walked and walked through the terminal, and then we had to go outside into the pouring, cold rain. Not fun.
Luckily we did find a nice place to stay (more about that in a later post), but then I had to start putting together a plan B, which took all night. I looked at all options, flying all over Europe to get to Sweden, any airport, or even Denmark. At one point I even considered us taking the 11,5h train into Copenhagen!! We just wanted to get out of there.

Finally, after a lot of technical issues, a minor meltdown and me nearly giving up hope of any kind of solution - I managed to get relisted for the morning flight. By then it was already 10.20pm and our alarm had to be set for 4am this morning...

Luckily we did get on that flight (yay) and all our bags made it too (yay again!) - and we are here now. Let me just say, it's been a veeeery long day... Zzzzz.
But, we are here now.

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  1. Sukk, uforutsigbare reiser...godt dere er vel fremme x