Monday, 7 July 2014

Night life, family style

Already after only one week of summer holidays we have changed our daily rhythm quite a bit. Of course, the heat has something to do with it, although the temperatures don't dip that much in the evenings either actually. Mostly it's because of Ramadan, it's tricky getting any jobs done during the day.

Some shops in the malls are open all day long, but most of them are only open in the mornings and then they take a long break and don't open again in the evenings. But then they stay open until 1 or even 2 am!
Restaurants of course don't open until after the evening prayer around 7.30pm, and even if you had brought a water bottle from home, you can't drink, eat or even chew gum in public.

So - "When in Rome"... you know, we do what we have to do in the evenings as well. Yesterday we didn't go into Al Wahda Mall until after 6pm, did some jobs, had dinner there and browsed the shops a bit. We finished off with the kids getting to choose a treat at Dunkin Donuts, and a rare sweet moment between the two of them..!

We got back home at 10.30pm! Yes, kind of late for us, but what to do. That's the way here, at least during Ramadan, we just roll with it, and sleep in a little bit longer in the mornings!

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