Friday, 18 July 2014


The cousins had just picked up a new puppy the weekend before we arrived. He is a border terrier, about 13 weeks old, and his name is Chester.

He is very cute, except for four o'clock in the morning, when he apparently thinks it's a good time to get up...
Especially Linnea likes playing with him, but of course he is still a puppy so he gets a bit nippy at times. Her nightie has got a little hole, as a gift from Chester.  

The kids enjoy cuddling and playing with him and they take him for walks in the field across the street at least once a day.

He only just started puppy training yesterday, so from now all it's all about understanding the right commands, training to walk 'heel' etc. He seems like a smart little dog, so I'm sure he will learn it all very quickly.

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  1. For en herlig liten fyr! Linnea ser ut til å kose seg sammen med han:D