Saturday, 19 July 2014

Circus Vegas

Yesterday afternoon we went to the circus!
There is actually two circuses here in Aberdeen at the moment, but we had heard people a bit disappointed with the one in town, so we chose the American Circus Vegas, which was on a site not far from where we are.

Tickets were only £8, so not expensive. The show we saw wasn't even half full though, might have been because of the competition, or because they are actually here for ten days, and have at least two shows a day.
For £8 it wasn't bad, although I didn't have high expectations. There was surprisingly no animals at all, not even horses. There was a bit too much "show dancing" from the five (although talented) very skimpily dressed show girls, in between the real circus acts - but the thing I missed the most was a proper circus band. It's just not the same with digitally recorded music.

The clown was funny, and there was a few impressive acts. Especially a girl who did a few aerobatic numbers, both in a rope swing and in a plastic "bauble".

 We had a nice few hours, and it was lovely to be back under the big top!

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