Friday, 4 July 2014

Where east meets west

Yes, Nathan might not get any summer leave this year, but at least he sure gets around when he's at work! His last overnight was in Istanbul. This was the view from his hotel room..!

Nathan lived in Turkey many moons ago when he was working for Pegasus. He said it was really nice to be back again, even though things had changed a bit.
He sent us this pictures from his walk yesterday afternoon, together with Ali, his First Officer. They went to the markets...

... and to the Blue Mosque:

Looks really beautiful! I have never properly been to Turkey (doing turnarounds at Turkish airports hardly count!), next time we need to come along, even if it's just for one overnight!


  1. Brings back first desti back in 1994. I was robbed just around the corned from the Blue Mosque!! I love Turkey - Turkiye hos Geldiniz - I have never been back, but often wanted to, it has just never panned out. And now we are too far away of course. If you go, have a simmit and a Vishne Soda and Elma chai, yummy!

  2. I have always wanted to see the blue mosque and the Bosporus hopefully I'll visit pretty soon