Thursday, 3 July 2014

One week done - eight to go

So, we have done one week out of our nine (and a half) weeks of summer holidays.
Normally it should be a nice feeling not to stress to get away, wait until the worst exodus has happened and sort the house out for when we get back - but, I rather feel like I'm a prisoner in my own home.

Like I've said before, it's so hot, you just don't go outside.
So, we are left with indoor activities, but they are made tricky to plan thanks to Ramadan and the fact that you are not allowed to eat or drink during daytime, anywhere. We went to one of the big Malls the other day, and absolutely no food outlets were open, none. Apparently some restaurants somewhere are still open, behind heavy curtains, but none in the Malls.
Everything here now happens at night time, but we are still trying to keep some kind of bedtimes for the kids, so...

Also, nearly all of the friends we have made here, have now left for their home countries = nobody to play with. We are feeling a bit lonely.

Add to that, that Nathan's schedule keeps getting changed and he's not around as much as we thought he would be. So the days are pretty long and boring all on our own, inside our house, right now. Actually I have already dug out the suitcases to start getting ready. That must be a record, a whole week before leaving! Never happened before. Weird feeling.

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  1. Hard to imagine the heat - we're in the middle of winter down here, freezing our butts off! At the moment you are away on your holidays - hope you are having the best of times:)