Friday, 25 July 2014


We were really lucky on Monday night when we wondered out of the terminal at Amsterdam airport, to find a hotel straight away, that didn't break the bank. It was late already, and we only wanted somewhere to sleep for a few hours, so we didn't need a Sheraton or a Hilton - we saw this hotel CitizenM in the distance, and decided to try it. It was only a short walk away from the terminal.

It turned out to be a really cool place, a lot like the hotel Nathan and I stayed at in Hong Kong last year, very compact. We walked in and could barely even fit our three suitcases - Lucas was first in the room and turned around and asked:
-"Is this IT?! Must be the world's smallest hotel!!"
This photo is taken from the hallway outside the room, Linnea is holding the door:

The circle to the left is the toilet, and the circle to the right is the shower! At the end is the 2m x 2m bed with a little bedside table. All you need! Here it is viewed from the bed. To the right is the sink.

It was perfect for us. We went down to the lobby area, which was more like a big bar, and had Moroccan Chicken for dinner, which was the only dish of the night. Chatted away with an older Australian/Dutch couple and then it was back to the room to watch tv and sort out or tickets. Free internet all over the hotel was a bonus too.

I had never heard of this chain of hotels but I would certainly recommend it. Good value for money and quite a quirky experience!

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