Thursday, 25 July 2019

Bison safari

One morning the kids and I did an excursion to neighbouring town Falköping, because we were going on a BISON safari! Oh yes! Quite a fun experience!

This bison farm keeps bison to graze the paddocks, and for its meat; but also realized there was an opportunity for added income by inviting visitors to their farm and let them go see the bison up close. The farmer built a special carriage, and this morning there was a full load of visitors going into the paddock.

As soon as these big animals saw the tractor they came charging towards us, oaw they could run! Apparently they can get up to 70km/h! What I didn't know was that the farmer had lined the trailer under where we were seated, with snacks for the bison, which was what they were coming for:

It was quite amazing seeing these animals up close, they were a lot bigger than I expected. The farmer told us all about them, and about how they look after their animals and run their bison business there at Wrågården.

At this farm they also keep deer, and moose:

You can also stay here at the farm, in their Elk-hotel! They have several cabins in different sizes, shaped like the different animals on the farm. These cabins have been created by a world champion chainsaw artist, Sören Niklasson:

It looked super cosy inside, maybe this is something for another summer!

We went for a little walk to say hi to the elks:

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