Sunday, 30 September 2018

So, September?

So, I made it through September.
It's actually rather remarkable how different my mood is now, compared to just a few weeks ago. It's all for the better, luckily.

September was rather quiet with not much going on. I did try to keep busy, but it was slow, yes.
One of the good things that happened was getting contacted through the blog by a lady who is about to move to Abu Dhabi and was coming over for a bit of a rekkie. She wondered if she could invite me for lunch, in exchange for picking my brain about a few things regarding the move and life here in the sandpit. But of course!
I did warn her though, that I'm not exactly my most upbeat self in September, and probably wouldn't sell it all too well right now, ha ha! But we had a lovely lunch, and even met up one more time during her stay to go to the beach together, she was super nice, maybe a new friend in the making!

Apart from that we not much else happened during September. I voted, we celebrated Nathan's birthday and hosted a Margarita party, and I met some of the Swedish girls for some fika. Linnea went to a birthday party, and Lucas had his friend Edy from Melbourne over for a sleepover. Edy and his mum Cath were here on holiday for a week, it was great catching up again.

But that was September, and now we are looking forward, to nicer temperatures, to getting to work, to extra-curricular activities starting up and to lots of visitors! Wii-hoo!

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